Many small and medium-size companies are in process of transforming all operations to be digital operations according to Forbes’ research last year. A lot of business are interested in developing to digitalize their internal operations to increase their ability to serve more clients in the market, especially after the pandemic. Always there have been two options: get an existing solution or turn to custom software development.

What is a Web-Based Application?

It is an application developed specifically to meet your business requirements and the needs of your clients. There are a lot of apps containing features that you never used and you have paid for them. On the other hand, these apps always do not have all features that satisfy you. By choosing a custom-developed web application, you will always get and pay for all the functions and capabilities your business needs without even caring about the hardware configuration or operating systems.

But first, does it worth it?

Yes, we have been always customers of web-based applications like Facebook, Amazon, and a lot. Web-Based Applications have shown good results in the market so far.A tailored web application has shown recently impressive results in terms of transforming digital applications like ENHD ( Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department ). After ENHD started digitalizing their operations in Electronic Nautical Charts production they have been able to replace UKHO’s Charts in the Egyptian waters using the CFLOW application.

So what are Custom Web Based Applications Benefits?

It is cost-effective

As long as you only will have what your business wants, your budget is not wasted on something that you will not use. This makes tailored software cost-effective in the long term.


Custom Web-Based Applications can expand to anything you plan to have in the future, a good development team can create all necessary functionality as long as your business needs them.

Business Oriented

Customized Web-Based Application development results in a unique solution tailored only for your business and your customers